LOCATE: Child Care is a statewide child care referral and counseling service utilizing a computerized database of all licensed or registered early care and education programs in Maryland including: child care centers, family child care providers, Head Start and Early Head Start programs, private nursery school and kindergarten programs, school age programs and summer camps. The LOCATE: Child Care software was developed by Maryland Committee for Children (MCC) and is now a service component of the Maryland Child Care Resource Network (MCCRN) for which Maryland Family Network is the statewide coordinating entity. Service is provided to parents by trained LOCATE counselors who are professionals holding a minimum of a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education or other related field and having a minimum of two years experience working in child care.

LOCATE: Child Care

  • Is a free telephone service available to all parents
  • Helps parents identify and choose child care best suited to their needs, preferences and ability to pay
  • Educates parents about how to identify a quality child care setting
  • Links parents with other resources such as the Child Care Subsidy Program (POC)
  • Documents the need for child care, cost of care, extent of services available and other pertinent data based on information it receives from child care providers and parents
  • Reports its findings to legislatures, policy makers, advocates, child care professionals and the general public.

LOCATE: Child Care counselors respect the parents’ right and ability to choose a child care setting that best meets the needs of their child and family. LOCATE counselors make referrals to regulated child care and early education programs, never recommendations.